ecover designs for minisites, Yes We do it too

We do ecover design works. We do ecover books, hard cover paper back, soft paper back, spiral book covers and more.

We do ebook covers for those who are selling their products on internet through mini sites. Most of the mini site sellers do give important to ebooks and mostly miss at the product display.

Product display is very important and impresses more than the title of book. The visitors of product page finds or determines the taste of a ebook writer or whoever the author by looking at the product display.

If you do super good looking ebook covers, the possibility of selling ebooks will definitely increase.

Yes, We also do create ecover designs. And here we would like to display them,

Price :

The price for doing ecovers are just $27 only, Please contact us at for your ecover orders.

ecover design CD design

We will be adding more samples and ecover templates in this page asap.

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